Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ellie Faith - So Cute!

All I want to blog about is my sweet little Ellie.  We have changed her name from Ellie May to Ellie Faith. I needed her to have the name faith, just an extra reminder to keep the faith for me.

She is so darn cute. 

We recycled Honey's Sweetie Bear/Sweetie Ladybug Bear. See when Honey was little she had this silky bear we called Sweety Bear cause the name sweet was on the bear. We had purchased a second bear w/ a lady bug on it as a back up. Honey loved this bear when she was in her car seat. Well Ellie Faith LOVES both of these bears now. She can snuggle up w/ the blanket and chew on the heads if she wants. Being a Chihuahua she is naturally cold natured so they work out great for her. 

This is a common way she sleeps. It is very funny to watch. 

Just to give you an idea of how small 1.8lbs really is here are a few pics of Ellie Faith and Daisy May (our pit who will be a year on the 17th of April)

They do play nice together! Daisy May treats her like her puppy.  We do have to remind her to be gentle. But then we have to remind Honey and Moose the same thing. 

I think they both would make great subjects in the an online tutoring writing course. There are so many different things to share about them, yet they are also so alike. 

Oh I need to get off of this blog and see if I can swing going to the FPEA Homeschooling Conference. I love reading all about the different classes they offer. I goot a lot marked in the preview book that I want to sit in on. Now to get past those Truth behind the Blog issues....

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. I can't believe how little your Ellie Faith is!! I've always been a "big dog" kind of gal. You know...the kind of dog where you can bury your head and hands in their neck scruff. ;) But I'll have to say your little girl is quite the cutie!!


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