Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend FUN!!!!

This weekend we chose to try for the first time, for us, to leave the kids with their uncle K and go out of down. We went to Tropical Palms Cottages/campground in Orlando near Old Town. Then we also had tickets to Medieval Times Show.

Here are the the two couples who attempted this crazy weekend.

We walked through Down Town Disney and Pleasure Island. (only had small panic attack in there) very proud of myself.

We swam......

I even went to a buffet and did not panic, well not totally panic. Long as one of our group was with me the whole time I was ok. 

My favorite part of the weekend was the Medieval Times dinner. 

This is the yellow and red Knight that screamed for.... I mean cheered for. :^)

Up close pic of him. He did so bad in the beginning. He was not doing good with any of the games or anything. but we noticed something. He changed horses mid way through. O' Well how ever you can win right?

This was the MC of the whole thing. He did a great job. Talking between the knights and the King and Princess.  Love that pic.
 Fight to the "death".  

While we where gone we the kids stayed w/ Uncle K and his extended family and seem to have a blast.  Biggun stayed w/ Nana and he even got a chance to work on matching definitions on the computer while we where gone. 

This week I have to read up on some homeschool reviews just in case I want to purchase something from the Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference this weekend.

Lil Momma Strouse

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