Thursday, August 16, 2012

Strouse House continues....

Sorry took a break after my last blog post. It has been hard to catch my breath around here much less write a blog.

What are is going on in your world?  Please leave a comment and share. I would love to hear all about it.

Here at the Strouse House we are continuing to deal with the issues that where posted in the previous blog.

The littles are doing good with their routine changes. :^)

We decided to start our new school year officially after Labor day! That gives me some more time to get Honey's curriculum figured out. Other then the time4learning.come preschool lessons and educational video's

Biggun we have almost set, but I still need to buy his math PACE's and his Language Arts Paces and books that go w/ them.  Other then that I am set with him too.

Oh then there is that nasty thing called a schedule. Yes something I am not very good at. I can make a schedule with the best of them but to follow on is not always easy for me.  (blushing)

I will end this blog on a great note. My son earned LOTS of merit badges and moved up a rank. Oh if I say the wrong rank he would be mad at me. I will ask and come back and let ya'll know.

Here is a pic of all his merit badges so far. I am so proud.

OH and I can't forget to through in an update on our chickens. We have lots of eggs!

Lil Momma Strouse

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