Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The End and the Beginning!

Our summer is coming to an end. (Insert MOM crying here, I mean Kids crying here) We are one of those strange homeschool families that this year we chose to wait till after Labor Day to start up school officially.  Even though our public school has been in for about 2 weeks now.  With us starting after Labor Day it works out great cause we also will be starting co-op the week after we start school. So it will slide right into our schedule.

Honey is excited about co-op. this is her first year to get to go. She will be in the kindergarden class. They do not switch classes, but have the same teacher all day and do all kinds of fun educational things. Honey is also going to be using time4learning.com kindergarden level along with work books. We are going to take a laid back kindergarden year. I don't want to make some of the same mistakes I made w/ Biggun. We will be going w/ the flow.

Biggun will be taking at co-op

  • Beginner Sign Language, (I have tried to teach this but have not had any luck so hoping this will stick.) 
  • Chosen Choir - He has wanted to sing at church but has not been able to.
  • Writing Sentence by Sentence - He can always use any extra help in writing. 
  • US Geography - It will be interesting what new things he learns about the US Geography.
  • American Mysteries - This class sounded like it was going to so much fun. 
He had wanted a PE class but I over ruled that one. Maybe next semester. We will be using a lot of PACE's for our curriculum along with some websites. His evaluator says he needs to work on fraction lessons and spelling list by grade to catch up with his grade. 

As our days count down and we are almost to where we have to buckle down it seems to rain every day.  That is just not right for Florida is it? We are hoping to get something fun in this weekend with the whole family. 

Here is to the end of summer and beginning of our school year.!  (insert mom crying again)

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. Wishing you a terrific school year, Lil' Momma!! :)


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