Thursday, September 20, 2012

Strouse Academy in Full Swing!!!!

Oh boy how do ya'll w/ more then 3 kids do it? I honestly don't know how you do it. I am struggling w/ just 3. But 5 or even 8 kids. WOW don't know how you do it. Bless you and God be with you during your school year and daily life. With that being said, Strouse Academy is in full swing.

Now if you don't know that is 8th grader doing writing, a Kindergarten doing cutting and pasting the correct number of items to the right place and a Preschooler who is circling what is different in each line.

You can see my seat is on the other side infront of the computer. I can work and help look stuff up at the same time they are working. The biggest issue we have right now is getting the littles to stop talking while I am giving directions to Biggun. We will get there. It just seems right this very moment that it will take forever. (big smile)

Today they all started to hum different songs at the table so I asked them if they wanted music. (Evil eye goes here) They all said YES, yes yes!!!! So went to youtube and looked up Mozart. That totally shocked them but they all stopped humming their own song to hear what was being played. Which made this momma smile!!!

Here are some pic of our day today....

Biggun needs to work on co-op Us Geography cause the teacher keeps sending home papers where we have to fill in the blanks. We will be adding some US Geography games to help him with that.  

Well this blog needs to end cause Honey is bugging me to do her daily activities for Kindergarten.

Hope your school year is getting off to a great start.

Lil Momma Strouse

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