Thursday, November 15, 2012

4 years ago....

Wow, has it been 4 years ago next Tuesday that my sweet little Moose came into our family.  He was a big shock but what a blessing along with being a very strong willed child he has been since he has come into our world. I would not change a thing about him.  (other then I really wish he would stick to potty training instead of fighting me over it)

Moose 11-15-12

He has had growth spurts, he has really started to talk clearer and he has really showing his own personality. He is funny.  Specially when he ask for something and walks away trying to dance and snap his fingers in excitement. What a cute site that is. He loves the dogs and will drive them nuts but will also lay and love them at the same time.

This is a common picture you will see at night. With both dogs sound a sleep on the couch and Moose laying right there with them. It is like they are segmenting the couch to their own areas. It is too cute.

Normally Moose is a healthy kid but our whole family got sick along w/ a friends family too. All 5 of ours and 4 of our friends family ended up with Pharyngitis and Moose got croup to add to his sickness. We ended up in the ER one night cause he could not breath. After a breathing treatment and a steroid he was sent home and all was well. Seeing him like that makes me really think how can my baby moose be 4 years old next Tuesday.

He will be starting his early child education through's preschool program soon.  He has watched Honey work on her program and wants his own. He is so eager to do school. I LOVE IT.

Lil Momma Strouse


  1. Awww He is a cutie. My four year old is the same way with our dogs.

  2. Great photos! Happy Birthday to your little Moose! :)



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