Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Helping out a friend.....

I have a friend who wants to learn how to write a blog. Char is the sweetest friend. She has even started a blog The Slaughter House Mom , yes that is a play on her last name Slaughter, but has not gotten very far with it.

 Between being busy with her own kids (both in highschool band),working part time, and helping support her husband in school for his bachelors in Nursing. She has not had much time to really devote to her blog. I recommended to her to take a blog writing course. To help her along.

 I am also trying to get my son to take the same course. So that he can use it for his writing curriculum.  Do it as his daily journal writing. I have mentioned that before but I am still working on convincing him.

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. Lol, my son actually *wanted* to take a writing course from Time4Writing. His dad is a writer, and he's apparently gotten the story-telling bug from him. Not only was I surprised when he asked for additional school work, I was FLOORED when he finished the eight week course and asked for another one! :D

    Good luck convincing your son! ;)



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