Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unexpected Lessons in Homeschooling.

Poor Dixie Anne.


Okay most people would think I was going over board w/ this sweet puppy, but she is still a baby.   See this sweet baby girl got not only 3 shots yesterday that in the past she has had reactions to her vaccines. Where she whimpers for a day or two after she gets them.

I knew when I dropped her off yesterday to get her vaccines and spayed she would be the same way if not worse. Mommy intuition was right. She has been such a big baby since she got home. She has laid around.  She hates the cone of course but when she is awake and out of her kennel I have taken it off. But when she is kenneled I have no control over her going after her stitches.

She whimpered and her eyes watered like she had been crying.

At one point last night she was shivering, again we live in Florida and it was not cold - just a reminder. So she got covered up w/ a blanket stopped shivering and slept soundly. Now I would expect that from other breeds of dogs but from a pit, never would have though she would want to be covered up. But then she had to have her feet out just like Lil Momma.  


Here we are this morning and she was so full of energy when she first got up and I think she totally forgot about her tummy. Cause she started whimpering and settled down next to me w/ her blanket of course. She even is trying to help me write my blog.

I am praying when I go to work that Biggun can keep a good eye on her. A great example of unschooling. Learning all about the the spaying process and how to take care of her and her stitches. This is what makes us such open minded homeschoolers. That we can turn almost any situation into a lesson with out it really seeming like one to our children.

I am worried about reactions. That and she is really wanting to go outside in the back yard w/ our other dog Daisy May - 20 month old pit, but the back yard is very sandy from them running around and she can't go out there w/ her stitches just yet. That and Daisy May treats Dixie Anne as her own pup. We have to keep her away from Dixie Anne so she does not lick her like a mommy dog.

Here she is about 2 minutes ago sleeping, something she usually does not do in the morning. She is usually outside playing. But she started shivering and this is how she is resting now..... 

Lil Momma Strouse

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