Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Look what the littles did!!!

Last week I blogged about stress. Each of our family is dealing with lots of stress right now as we are preparing for the going home of my father.

I was at the hospice center sitting with Daddy.  I get a call from Biggun, 13yr, and he tells me he has a bad headache and the littles spilt something and it smelled. He asked me to come home and clean it up as his head hurt so bad he could not. I figured with all the stress that Biggun might really need help.
Boy was I right. When I got home I found a HUGE mess.

You guessed it my two littles, 6yr and 4yr, decided that while their big brother was laying down with a headache instead of watching TV like they told him they where doing chose to "Make" something to eat for themselves and the dogs. A few of the items you see in these pictures are, olive oil, cumin, vinegar, instant vanilla coffee, rice, dog food, pepper and lots of other things. Boy that could really build a child's reading vocabulary if we choose to turn this into an vocabulary words. Wow! Was I shocked! 

My friends at Orange Rhino would be very proud of me. That even with all the stress of what is going on with my Daddy I did NOT yell! Instead I walked in the house and told my littles to go to their room and I got to work cleaning it up, crying the whole time, but I did not yell I cleaned. I then told them they where grounded from TV and left them with their Nana and went back to my Daddies bedside. 

I know they are just trying to get attention. We are all dealing with this stress in our own way. 

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. Good job, mama! A win for you today! You realized that your sweet littles didn't do that on complete purpose. I hope things get better soon! ((((HUGE HUGS))))


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