Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stress and How You Deal With It.

Our family has a lot of stress in our life right now. Not just our immediate 5 but our extended family, too.  As I sit here writing this blog, I am thinking about how each of us are dealing with this stress.

As much as the adults in the family are trying to keep the kids from feeling or being a part of this stress everyone is showing their own way of dealing with stress.

Big Daddy deals by keeping busy and helping everyone he can. Even if keeping busy and helping others can get under others nerves this is how he deals.  I, Lil Momma, deal with stress by having a quick fuss, crying, and shutting down from everyone.

I am seeing my children all have their own way of dealing with stress, too.

Biggun is similar to me in the fact he does not shut down but withdraws into his own world. Thinking way to much. Even being withdrawn he will still find a quiet moment to pull me or his dad aside and ask a million questions in hope of understanding the cause of the stress.

Honey, she turns her life into animal games. Meaning she starts to sneak around. She pushes the limits making wrong choices hoping she will get away with just one more thing she is not supposed to, before she gets into trouble. Is it for attention or just testing waters? I don't know. She does all she can to make the balance of nature seem off in our world when stress is upon us.

Moose, he falls into his roll of baby of the family by acting more like one. He cries over everything, blames everyone else for his wrong choices and wants "luvins" more then usual.

Everyone is different in how they deal with stress. Have you sat back and looked to see how each of your family members deal with stress. It is a very enlightening observation.

Lil Momma Strouse


  1. Great blog! I'll have to watch my family and see how we deal with stress!

  2. Sorry things are stressful for you guys right now! Sending happy thoughts and good wishes your way...



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