Sunday, October 6, 2013

Animals in Our Life

I have caught our family animal wildlife in the cutest settings in the last few weeks. Animals are part of the family and these animals are very much a part of our family and our work.

Daisy May is the BEST DOG we have ever had. She is so pretty and so well behaved.

She is very spoiled. This was a day that my son was listening to his history and Daisy May laid down next to him and napped. 

Later after history we all left the room and found her sound asleep under the blankets on a pillow. That is spoiled....

Levi loves to lay with Daisy May, too. Snuggle buddies!

But then Levi likes to sleep anywhere. 

I promise he does do more then JUST SLEEP!

See I finally got a picture of him awake!!!!

Then there is my work paper weight, Tinker Bell. She gets on my desk and eats my paper, pulls all the push pins off the bulletin board, goes after my pencil while I write. Yep she is always trying to "HELP" 

This is the other cat at work Tigger.  He slept on this type writer for days. I finally just had to take this picture. He is always finding a way to "Help" too. 

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. Too cute! I cannot imagine not having all of our critters either!


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