Thursday, October 10, 2013


Teenagers, Teenagers, Teenagers... Will I live through all three of my kids being teenagers? How did my parents do it? I have NO idea.

Normally I have can only say good things about my oldest son, the only teenager in my home right now. He is sweet, kind, helps out a lot, hard working when he wants to be, the list goes on.

But lately he has been getting to big for his britches, figuratively speaking.  He has learned a little  figurative language that might not help to see his next birthday.

An example of this language is "Go hug a tree!"

I did not think anything of it when he used it for the first time. He was joking with us. But when he YELLED it from his room when he was angry, yeah that was another story!!!!

When I gave him a little special education of what the figurative version of that saying was, he was a little shocked! He really did not understand what he had actually said or at least he played it off that way.

Needless to say those words are not used in my house anymore and we have discussed using sayings that are just another way of saying bad words.

Do your children or teenagers say anything like this that threw you for a loop this did me?

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. Yep. Teenagers. Even though there is a swear work in it (I answer the phone before it ever gets to that word, so it's not heard), the ringtone that plays when my oldest son calls me is a song called Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. The chorus? "Teenagers scare the living *bleep* outta me!"

    Cracks me up. :D

    We have had to explain some of those sayings to my son as well. I feel your pain. Good luck! ;)



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