Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moose turns 5 years old.

My baby turns 5 years old. How can this be?

I am at a loss for words…. Okay, those who know me know that is not going to happen.

Moose wanted a CAMO birthday. We aim to please, well we do on big birthdays like 5, a WHOLE HANDFUL.

We started transforming the house into camo central.

Then we made a camo swirl cake.


After but before icing.

I ended up attempting to make a tank.

I was disappointed in it but my boy loved it.

The inside looks great.

We let him open One gift in the morning, cause a 5 year old does not understand that people will not be there till 7pm for him to open gifts. 

He loved his army set and played it all day.

When it came time to open presents at night, he was moving so fast he I could not get many non blurry pictures.

Camo SHEETS!!! 

Yes, this boy had a very camo birthday. Even went to sleep having camo dreams. 

Now I need to look at the homeschool requirements and kindergarden games

Lil Momma Strouse

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  1. Looks like it was TONS of fun! Happy birthday to your Moose! :)



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