Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ladies Retreat 2014.

Recapping the Ladies Retreat! I have not been away to something like that in about 3 years. (My anxiety has kept me from being able to go to any of the big ladies retreats.)

This ladies retreat was just the ladies from our church. There where 19 in all.  We had a great facility to use at the Life Enrichment Center in Fruitland Park, FL.

Our theme was "Delight" 
"Your word is a lamp to my feet a light to my path. Psalm 119:105" 

Personalized welcome on the door to our room. 

View from our room the night we arrived. 

The room was beautifully decorated.

The tables had paper on them. Of course I had to doodle, doodle and doodle some more. I concentrate better when I am doodling.

I am amazed at all the lessons that can be found in Psalm 119 alone. It is the longest chapter in the bible  and each verse is packed full of love and wisdom. 

Some lessons we learned are 
Psalms 119:40, 31 --- Longing for God's Word.
Psalms 119: 11, 52 --- Memorize God's Word.
Psalms 119: 73,125 --- Learn God's Word.
Psalms 119:42, 89, 114  Trust God's Word.
Psalms 119:128,140,161 --- Respect God's Word.
Psalms 119: 97,159 --- Love God's Word.
Psalms 4, 33, 106 --- Obey, Keep God's Word.

So much more in Psalm 119, we did not even scratch the surface of all the wonderful lessons.

Our craft was this beautiful bookmark. 

Did I mention they have swings all over the place. I love big porch swings and of course I had to swing on the one that was hanging from the tree!

View from this beautiful swing.

One of the activities included writing something that was a "thorn" to us on a big rock. We then took our rocks and walked "Prayer Labyrinth" and prayed focusing on our "thorn" and used the cards below. 

Half way through we sat our own rock down and picked up another's rock and prayed for their "burden" focusing on the info on the cards below. 

Another activity that we did was a prayer circle. This was very humbling activity. In our small groups we each took a turn sitting in the center of the circle and each of the ladies in the group prayed words of affirmation over the one in the circle. Then the one in the circle stated something specific that needed prayer in their life and that was prayed on by the group. It was very humbling. Did I already say that? I can't get over how humbling it is to have others share the positive things they see in you and them thanking God for it and you. Again very humbling. 

We finished out the night with a warm fire pit and we went out on the dock and threw our own personal "thorns" in the lake. It was very liberating to do. 

Lil Momma Strouse

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