Saturday, March 1, 2014

Elementary Science Series: Week 4

As I have said over the past few weeks hands on activities are great for my children to learn about science or anything. We have been enjoying a youtube channel called Art for Kids.  

Not only have the kids learned some hand eye coordination and art skills they have also learned about different features in animals. This would go great with second grade science worksheets. Some examples of this are…

This is an owl that Honey drew.  She learned about eyes and feathers while drawing this owl. It also lead to more conversations and research on all kinds of owls.

This is a Raccoon that Honey drew. This lead to conversation and research on why raccoons have the mask look on their face along with raccoons being scavenger animals. 

Lastly, Moose got in on this art/science fun but he fell in love with drawing a dragon. In the video the man states draw lines on the belly like other lizards.  That lead us to look up all kinds of lizards and see how those lines are actually scales on their belly. 

Art is a great way to incorporate other subjects like science. What subjects do use art with? 

Lil Momma Strouse

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