Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Training up our children


This is a verse we refer to often in raising our children.  I am blogging about this today because of how my life has been lately.  It seems that I have not been doing a good job of training my children.  Or to me it does not feel or seem like I have been.  My children seem to be saying "NO" a little to much instead of instant obedience. 

Today a friend of mine shared that her little one (15month old) got into the fridge and pulled out the parmasean cheese and dumped it on the floor.  My first question to her was did you have him clean it up?  I asked this and then quickly thought to myself "Would I have had my own 14month old help clean it up?"  When I only had Biggun(10yr) I know I would have but w/ two little ones under 3, it just seems easier to scold the child send them to another area and clean it up myself.  Is this the right way to do it? I don't know what is right for you or for my friend but it would not be the right way for me to "Train" my child.  Again this did not happen to me so this was all me just thinking in my little brain.  I did share w/ my friend a wonderful latch that we have on our fridge.


Of course after I had this whole thought process in my own mind not 1 hour later did Honey Bear (3yr) drop her plate from lunch full of food on the floor.  When I asked her to get down and clean it up she was quick to clearly say "No, you clean it up."  Now she did not say it mean or even rudely just matter afactly. Like it was going to happen and should happen.

I immediately thought back to earlier thoughts about training my children.  I took her by the hand and sat with her and told her very firmly "You need to clean up your own mess, please pick up all the macaroni and cheese."  After a little squirming but no back talk (that was a nice treat - no back talk) she started picking up her food.  She also started to squeeze it in her fingers to make a bigger mess. I corrected her quickly and she finished and we washed her hands. 

The whole thing took about 5 minutes total.  Granted if I had picked it up it would have only taken me about 1 minute. But what is 5 minutes? Not much when it comes to training our children how to take care of themselves and complete obedience.

Look at Honey Bear, it did not seem to hurt her one bit, either.  I love my Honey Bear!

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