Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Biggun Update 7-28-2010

School update - So far the past two weeks have been OK, We have reached a place in math where it is more challenging (6th grade math) This is good thing.  Biggun is taking his time and asking for help!

Language Arts he has a big test tomorrow to see how much of his grammar that has stuck over the past few weeks.  He has really done good with his new spelling program and using  I have looked for other games for him to improve his spelling on and found one with fun riddle games and in looking for neat games we found an educational animal game.  Biggun really had fun playing on these games. 

We have also found some Liberty Kids dvd's at the Library. Normally, I am not lucky enough to get dvd's on items we are studying w/o pre-ordering them but this past week we DID!!! Biggun is learning about the constitution and the declaration in his studies and we were lucky enough to get The First 4th of July

Liberty's Kids - The First Fourth of July 
Biggun and Honey really enjoyed it.  
Lil' Momma

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