Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oxi Clean Rocks!

In the Strouse House life is NEVER boring.  We are always full of adventures even when we are not trying.  See Monday, my sweet precious 3 year old Honey, 
 decided to to get creative. If you want to call it that.  On Monday after lunch, Honey, chose to go into my office (home office) and get a bottle of Red Ink Refill, a bottle similar to this...

2000PLUS Self Inking Refill Ink 1

She then took it to the couch, remember I am at work, so this is NOT my couch but my bosses couch *my boss is also my kids God Parents*  Once she was on the couch she put red ink ALL over the couch and her self.  After the shock of it. We (Aunt C, Uncle K, CW, and Myself) got to work fast on getting it all out.  JJ took Honey to the sink and started hard at work at getting it off of her (her skin is stained)  We moved so fast we forgot to take pictures of the before of the couch.  Granted at the time the camera was not on anybodies mind.  Getting the red ink out of the NEW (less then a year old) couch was all we could think about. 
This is where the Oxi Clean comes in!!!! 

 We took the seat cushions off and threw them in the washer w/ LOTS of oxi clean while that was washing we scrubbed and scrubbed and wiped and wiped w/ the oxi clean on the back of the couch.  After about an hour or so of non stop cleaning it seemed the back of the couch was back to normal, no red.  We pulled a fan out to dry the couch.  Now the seat cushions got the MOST of the red ink. They got washed twice in oxi clean then were laid out and scrubbed and put back in the wash w/ more oxi clean.  After all that they seemed to be red free.  Only after they dried did we know for sure.  We laid them out to dry in the sun.

All that and the couch looks like new again! Whew! Deep sigh of relief from this Momma, all I could think about is how was I going to afford to buy another couch.
Glad I do not have to. 

Thank you Oxi Clean!!!!

This picture was taken on a different day prior to the red ink, but this is what the couch looked like before and after this happened. 
11 out of 15 of the cushions had red ink on them 

Lil' Momma

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