Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year; New School Subjects?

With the new year here.  Some people will add or subtract items from their schooling program.  One of the common things added is to learn languages.  It could be sign language or spanish.  But at some point people add a new language to their schooling.  But for us, I am looking at what to do to add more formal "schooling" for Honey.  She will be 4 in Feb and I have been very relaxed with her.  Not that it is a bad thing.  She is learning through play.  But I am thinking we might be adding some alphabet games. Using both computer and hands on games.  Still trying to decide what if any curriculum we will use.

I am very cautious with teaching her anything to do w/ reading in fear I pushed Biggun to hard to fast when he was little and he ended up with reading issues.  For some teaching their kids to read is their favorite things to do is teach their children to read.  For me it is the scariest thing I will be doing.

If anyone has any ideas they want to share on how to add to Honey's daily learning please share.  I am always open to new ideas.

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Lil' Momma

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