Thursday, January 13, 2011

Typical Day

Today I am Linking up w/ Simple Homeschool's Day In The Life  
to share what one of our day's might look like.

Remember every family is different and our family is very different.

Big Daddy goes to work between 1-2 am.

Next Biggun will wake up around 7am  to eat breakfast, get dressed and watch cartoons.
by about 8am he the tv is turned off and he is working on his schooling.  He became somewhat independent over this past year and it works really well for our family.

Sometime between 9-10am Moose and Myself will start to wake up.
Moose will eat breakfast with me and watch tv while I do my bible study
If Honey is not up by 11am I send Moose in to wake her up.
By now Biggun is either done w/ all of his school or he is done w/ what he can do on his own.
If Biggun needs help with anything then after a half hour break or so we will sit and do a little at a time till he is all done.  He only ask for help a couple times a week.
After Honey gets something to eat her and Moose will usually go outside.

If it is Tuesday or Thursday then they will play in and out all day.  Stopping to color, do art, play sensory tubs, read books, wrestle with Biggun and well have fun being kids.

If it is Mon-Wed-Friday then we will get some play time outside in then load up to head to work.  I work in a home office so they can play outside, color, play toys, do puzzles you name it just like being at home.

Big Daddy is usually home between 4-6pm.
Dinner is usually cooked and eaten between 5-6pm sometimes 7pm, Baths and winding down begin. Big Daddy is usually first to go to bed by 9pm, then Biggun by 9:30pm.  Honey and Moose are my night owls and that works for our family.

Lil' Momma

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  1. Hi stopping by from Simple Homeschool. This sounds like a good schedule for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.


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