Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Biggun School Update

We have had major interruptions with our schooling w/ Nana being in the hospital and our own personal family of 5 sicknesses as of late. But Biggun has been doing good at keeping up with his school.  We might have had a few weeks where we only schooled for 3 days instead of 4 but we are chugging right along and this is one of those reasons we school year round.  

Biggun is still using his for math, science and social studies.  Math has been getting harder for Biggun.  He has always been very good at math, but we are getting to those pre-algebra type problems and well they are really getting to him.  But he chugs along w/ his Momma right by his side relearning as we go.  Science and social studies are moving right along to.  He really enjoys both of those subjects.

For language arts we are still using Learning Language Through Literature.  I have been very impressed at how well he is doing w/ this program.  He is motivated to do this program.  He seems to enjoy the reading, I never thought I would say he enjoys reading.  But he reads a chapter in the book assigned and comes and share w/ me the details of the chapter.  What he likes and what he dislikes about what he just read.  

Biggun had complained about his eyes hurting after he did his school work.  So I took him to get his eyes examined and he needs readers.  I know that sounds like something an old man needs but that was what the exam shows.  He now has a pair of .75 readers. He really likes them, strange kid. He sure looks handsome when he has them on.  He wants to wear them all the time but he does not need to and that breaks his heart. I am sure the newness will wear off soon enough. 

Some of you have asked me questions about SAT Writing Courses and test prep for your state.  Being that we are not in highschool yet this is not an issue for us just yet so I can only recommend you click on the highlighted words and read what you can from the two links I found.  Thanks.

Lil' Momma

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