Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rainy Day....

Well here in my little part of the world there are some nasty rain storms going on.  What better to do then sit and surf the net and read a good book.  The kids are watching a movie cause we don't have cable and the antenna does not work w/ all this rain.  Thank goodness for dvd's.  :^)

I have been searching all kinds of things today, like reading curriculum for Honey.  I am still trying to figure out what we will do w/ her.  When we will officially start and what path we will take.  I know I have  blogged about this before but I am still hunting.  I am trying to make sure we don't have the same issues we had w/ Biggun.  I know, I know, I know there is no guarantee on any thing and we could end up w/ similar issues as Biggun but I want to make sure I do everything NOT to have that happen.

I have read through some great blogs today. I love


I love that once a week she has a link up w/ others who do all these cool crafts called "Show Me What You Got!"
Then there is...

Mary is a wonderful inspiring writer from her walk w/ God, homeschooling even her weightloss journey. Always feel inspired after reading this blog.

I love following the life of this large family. "We Are the Culbertsons" This family is in north florida and the mom is a hoot to read.  Her oldest daughter is 12 (I think) and joins in as a guest poster sometimes. They have a new baby after all these years of 1 girl and 6 boys they finally have another girl!  This has been so neat to read along as they tell how they are adjusting to this.  

Oh I can't forget the homeschooling sites I have checked out on this rainy day, sites that might not have to do w/ Honey but are general sites like this site that has books about homeschoolers.

This site is full of great ideas of books.  Oh one book I think I am going to find to read or have Biggun read is The Homeschool Liberation League by Lucy Frank, After I read the info on this book it sounds like such a great book.  Will let you know if I am able to get this book from the library.

Well this rain keeps falling here and now the kids are asking for lunch, so I guess I need to go feed them and stop surfing the net.  That is what a good Mom does, right?  Then I can get lost in the love story of the Pioneer Woman!  More on that book later.... 

Lil' Momma

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