Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Smack in the Face!

My sweet Honey girl smacked me in the face with a comment she made tonight.  We were in the van, pulled up in our drive way and Big Daddies truck was there.  Here is how the conversation went.

Lil' Momma  - "Yeah Daddy is home!"
Honey - "No, oh no!"
Lil' Momma - "Why are you saying that."
Honey - "But I have a dress on, I don't want Daddy to see me in a dress!"
Lil' Momma - "What? why don't you want Daddy to see you in a dress.  He loves you in a dress."
Honey - "Daddy likes me to wear jeans.  My butterfly jeans.  You only wear dresses to church. Daddy will not like my dress."
Lil'Momma - "Oh Honey, that is not true. Daddy loves when you wear dresses.  He loves when Mommy wears dresses, too.  Mommy should wear a dress more often. Would you like Mommy to change into a dress when I get inside?"
Honey - "Ok Mommy!"

We went into the house, said our hi's to Big Daddy, (Lil'Momma whispered what had just happened in the van to Big Daddy) Honey and I went to my laundry to find a dress.  I put on a skirt and she informed me NO that is not a dress like me!  So I had to find a dress to put on.

Big Daddy made sure to point out how much he liked Honey's dress and wished she would wear them more often.

I have gotten away from wearing dresses and skirts.  But this was a big smack in the face that now that we are totally done nursing I have NO reason not to wear a dress. I think I need to update my clothing w/ a few dresses.  So I can be a better example to my daughter.

Help me to focus more on being the example you want me to be for my daughter. Not just in the clothing I choose but in all the choices I make.   

Lil' Momma

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