Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Would Love....

I would love it if my children where musically talented.  Or even musically interested.  But so far not so much.  Biggun has shown interest in Bass Guitar.  But that is not a cheep instrument to "try" and then not like.  So we told him if he wants a bass guitar he will have to pay for half of it.  Now we sit and watch to see how well he is w/ the little amount of money he gets here and there.

As for Honey and Moose they have not shown any interest at all other then making NOISE w/ our play instruments.

OH but did you know you can play online music games? Yeah there is a site that has these great games to play on line that are all about music.  There are games about opera, blue grass, jazz and more.  There is even a game with music notes.  I think this set of games are great.  Check this them out...

Learning Games for Kids - Arts and Music

Lil' Momma

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