Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Learning Styles - My Kids do them ALL!!!

With the new school there is always someone who will ask me.... "So what is your homeschool style?"

Oh boy,that is a loaded question for me. Cause my homsechool style changes as often as needed for my family. 

One day I might have a child who is very auditory on Monday but then will be my visual learner on Tuesday. But usually by Friday they are ALL Kinestenic or Tactile Learners.  Each of these are learning styles. Most children will favor one over another.  Some children will favor one over another in one subject verses another. My oldest is auditory when he anything that deals with reading, english or even writing.  He normally needs this but there are days he will surprise me and do everything visually.

I am watching to see how my 5 year old is going to be in her learning. I still have not decided just yet. I know she loves, which is for very audio but she LOVES to color and cut out and match items she cut out. The jury is still out on her learning style.

My 3rd is preschool and well he loves dirt and coloring and watching his sister work on so who knows what his learning style just yet.

Have you looked into your child's learning style? Remember the hardest part is when YOUR learning style is DIFFERENT then your CHILD'S! Harder to teach but it can be done. Keep in mind homeschooling is for your child not you. If they are trying to learn using your learning style and it is not working, it might not be theirs.

Lil Momma Strouse

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